Om meg/about me


I am a daddy to our wonderful son Neo,  I am married to Kenneth, I am a psychologist, a clinical specialist, a change architect, and a lecturer – passionate about change; individual as well as societal.

My base for change since 2007 has been in the role of the elected full-time president of the Norwegian psychological association.

As president, I am responsible for advocacy, strategy, operational tactics, media exposure, and for anchoring policy and strategy in the membership of the association.

My experience is that change can happen in all individuals, groups or in society as long as we take into account that we are people; with thoughts, feelings and behaviours, governed not so much by reason as we like to think. In my work, I try to be inspired by and apply behavioural science-based approaches to reach the goals we have defined. This is something I keep being invited to talk about in conferences. If you want to hear more – invite me!


Alongside being full-time president of the Norwegian psychological association, I was vice-president of The international union for psychological science (IUPsyS) from 2012-2016. After reaching the term limit in 2016 I was elected to continue in the IUPsyS EC. The Union represents over 80 psychology associations around the world, and the organization is the global voice of psychology. I am also in the  Executive Council of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA), which represents 36 member associations in Europe.

I am chair of the board for The Norwegian Council for Mental Health (NCMHL) which is a humanitarian organization that includes the majority of Norwegian institutions and organizations involved in the field of mental health, promoting the science and information in mental health in Norway. And I am a board member of the largest Federation of unions for academics in Norway «The Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations«, which represents the majority of the academically based professions in Norway.

I graduated from the University of Oslo, Norway and am specialized in clinical work with adults.I also have a university education in political science. Before starting my psychology degree I became a military officer and worked in the Royal Norwegian Navy.

In my clinical work, I have been working especially with long-term severe drug addiction and with early intervention for psychosis, both in the acute ward and in outpatient clinics. I have also had a private practice working with a variety of patients and clients.


I was born in 1968, I live in Oslo with my husband, our son Neo, our dog Lady.

I relax when reading, watching a movie, spending time with my son, husband, friends & family, meditating, photographing, writing, discussing politics, theology, philosophy and psychology.

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